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Help - The Healthy Eating Life Plan


Do You want to lose weight?
Let us HELP you!


Are You Overweight?


Did you know 45% of South Africans suffer from obesity?
With obesity come a range of health problems from heart disease to diabetes, as well as lethargy and poor self image.


Why choose HELP?
By losing weight correctly you will feel healthier, more energetic, look great and increase your self-esteem.


HELP Diet Plan Philosophy


The latest medical research has found that the hypothalamus (a region of the Forebrain) and certain hormones, regulates a persons’ weight, hunger pangs and eating habits. When you lose weight the body thinks that there is something wrong, and initiates a number of responses aimed at retaining your weight and even contributes to you gaining weight. Yo-yo dieting and eating the wrong foods makes our body sluggish and decreases our metabolism, so that whatever we eat we put on weight and even when we don't eat we don't lose weight.
This diet teaches you to stop abusing your body, and to work with it enabling you to function optimally, resulting in an increase in your metabolism with rapid, sustainable weight loss.
The treatment commences with an extensive medical examination including blood tests and a in-depth questionnaire, not only to ensure that there are no underlying medical problems contributing to weight gain but because we are all individuals, we all have a different genetic, physiological and psychological makeup, therefore we need a diet which is tailor made to our own bodies needs.
The injections and medications included in this diet detoxify the body and

cleanse the system enabling you to process the food more effectively and efficiently.


HELP is a Healthy Eating Life Plan, which will help you to get to your correct weight and maintain it for life.


Helping YOU to feel healthier and more invigorated.



HELP Program Outline


Initial Consultations:


This consists of 2 consultations 2 days apart.


1st Consultation


Is half an hour.
It is an information gathering consultation.
You will be weighed and appropriate body measurements taken.
Blood will be taken for the  blood tests.
You will fill out extensive biomedical questionnaire.
All this information is important in order that the diet will be tailor-made to your specific physiological /psychological requirements.

You will get a HELP Folder


2nd  Consultation


Is 1 hour:
You will be given your personalized diet.
The principles of the diet plan will be explained to you, and you will be able to ask any question or raise any concerns.
Injection and/or medications will be discussed and administered.
Medications prescribed on this diet are natural, are not harmful or addictive in anyway and do not have any adverse side effects. They detoxify the body, riding it of harmful metabolites which make the

body sluggish and prevent weight loss.


Cost R520 (Medical Aid Rates for 2 consultations)


Follow up appointments - usually
Initially once a week for the first 7 weeks
After that frequency of visits will be arranged between doctor and patient.
Visits include weigh in,
Consultation and diet evaluation.
Injection and medication.
Sheets on helpful hints and strategies for learning how to incorporate the diet into everyday living.
Exciting and interesting recipes.
Cost per visit R180.

All visits must be paid for at the time of consultation.

A receipt will be issue and the fee can be claimed back from medical aid.